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Capsure Pure™, also known as TriMax™ has been specifically formulated to support the safe remediation of asbestos, artex walls and ceilings and will effectively reduce airborne contaminants during demolition and remediation works.


CapSure™ Pure is an industry tried and tested product, proven to be significantly more effective in reducing atmospheric particulate release when removing texture coatings. CapSure™ Pure has been formulated to increase its effectiveness on particulate containment when combined with our patented foam delivery system removing costings from ceilings and walls such as Artex and paint with a thickness between 0-3mm.

  • Dust Suppressant during demolition/site clearance
  • Particulate Contaminant Eradication
  • Textured Coating Removal between 0-3mm
  • Asbestos Fibre Suppressant
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